FAQ's about our closing

Thank you for being our customer or consignor for all these years.  It has meant the WORLD to us.  It is now time for us to close our doors and focus on 1 store, Gild the Lily.  With the uncertainty of the future with COVID-19 and difficulty staffing, we have made the difficult decision to close Resale Republic. Starting, Tuesday, 11/3/2020, we will begin liquidating our merchandise to prepare for closing by the end of December. 

November 29, 2020 update:

PLEASE NOTE: Based on the amount of available merchandise, our last day serving the public at Resale Republic will be 12/15/2020.  As of December 1, we will be observing updated store hours. Visit us Tuesday - Friday 12 PM- 6 PM, Saturday 10 AM - 6 PM.  

We want to share as much information as we can to make this transition as seamless as possible for those of you who have brought beautiful items to us and for those who wish to know what to expect when shopping! 


Enjoy the deals!  Each week we will be announcing on the website and in social media our progressive storewide offers.  The offer takes place storewide and includes furniture, home decor and chalk paint.  There will be super sale items that will be marked 'firm' as the price is the lowest we can offer on the ticket.  

All sales are final. 

No holds. First come, first serve. 

No coupons. 

No special orders on new furniture. 

We will be redeeming reward coupons for customers who have the Resale Rewards app on their phone or have their receipt showing they have earned the rewards.  Sorry, we will not be able to count additional points toward a reward during the closing sales. 

Purchased items must be picked up within 14 days of purchase or by 12/15/2020, whichever is earlier.  Bring the "muscle" you need on pickup.  We cannot load your items for you. 

Each week we will be pulling out more items from our backrooms, staging items, fixtures, etc. So shop often! 

*Please note: we will be carrying the Swan Creek candle line and cards for our customers at Gild the Lily. Unfortunately, there will not be reductions on this top selling brand, but you will still be able to continue to purchase the 100% soy, intensely fragrant candles at our sister store. 


How do I retrieve my earnings? Just as always, your money is always yours...even after closing.  You can pick up your earnings in-store anytime at Resale Republic or our sister store, Gild the Lily.  We will also mail a check by request.  (.80 is reduced to cover the check and postage).  Or, you can also use your earnings toward the purchase of merchandise. 

Pick Ups  We will be liquidating all items both store owned and consigned at progressive discounts up to 50% off our original marked selling price.  You are welcome to pick up your items should you wish not to be part of the closing sale.  

2 Ways to Pick Up

You may wish to leave your items in-store to be included in our liquidation sales. All consigned items need to be picked up 12/15/2020.  After 12/15/2020, items will be considered abandoned and will be donated to a great cause. 

If you wish to pick up now until 12/15/2020, here are our methods: 

- Pre-arrange: Call (616) 884-0535 and arrange a time for your items to be pulled and package for you. Please allow 48 hours for this complementary service. This is our preferred method. 

Pull your own: No need to call. Just stop in-store during our hours.  We will print your a list of your unsold items and you can locate them on the sales floor and take them home.  This is recommended for those who wish for immediate pulling of their items without 48 hours notice.  We cannot guarantee assistance on a immediate pull if we are experiencing a heavy volume of customers at that time. Please bring containers/boxes/etc. to wrap and transport your items with this method.  

**Please note: If your items sell for a lower price than its original price, you will be compensated at the price at which the item sold. 


Hours are subject to change based on staffing levels and merchandise volumes.  Our most up-to-date hours information can be found by calling (616) 884-0535.