Turn your furniture and home decor into cash!

Step 1: Show us your photos

Please note:  We are no longer accepting new items at Resale Republic due to closing December 15, 2020.  <<Click here for FAQ's about our closing: https://shopresalerepublic.com/pages/faqs-about-our-closing

Simply bring in your store-ready items Monday-Friday, 10am-8pm (excluding Saturdays). No appointment needed, and we have a convenient side entrance and parking lot for you. We will review your items while you wait. No need to send photos (unless it's more convenient).

Furniture or larger home decor: Email photos to resalerepublic@gmail.com. It is helpful if you include the age, maker, retail price, and store where you originally purchased the pieces. Please mention areas of concern, or wear. On-site visits are available within a local area and are an excellent option for: estates, retail store inventory-reduction, and relocating. This can be a convenient, pain-free, and timely option (a number of pieces required.)

Step 2: Fast and Professional Review

We will review your email and follow up within a day or two. We may ask for additional information, recommend an alternative selling method, or give you our confidence that we can sell your piece(s) well. Can't wait?... Call the store (616-884-0535) if you need to expedite our review.

Step 3: Upon Agreement

We are now ready to receive your items. Let us know when you would like to bring in your furniture. We can accommodate scheduling within our store hours based on your needs. Or if you need a pick-up, we regularly work with an insured mover. They charge $85/hr, due only after the sale of your items. If your piece(s) do not sell, you do not owe this amount. It is a gamble we are willing to take.

Step 4: Cash in your pocket!

You earn 40% of the selling price when your home decor sells over a 60 day period. For furniture, you receive more money and a longer selling period. We pay you 50% of the selling price when your furniture sells over a 90 day period. Or, you may opt for a cash offer. View your earnings on-line 24/7. We pay your earnings on-demand, at either store. Or, you may use your proceeds toward purchases made in either Gild the Lily or Resale Republic.

Questions? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions for more information.